OKBET Japan Open Badminton 2022 | HS Prannoy Loses to Chou Tien Chen aggressive play in the Quarterfinals

OKBET Japan Open Badminton 2022

OKBET Japan Open Badminton, HS Prannoy performed bravely and saved three match points, only to suffer the misery of losing in the end. H S Prannoy was defeated in the men’s singles quarterfinals by world championships bronze medalist Chou Tien Chen of Chinese Taipei on Friday, thereby ending India’s campaign at the Japan Open in Osaka.

OKBET Japan Open Badminton

The 30-year-old Indian fought out of his skin and saved three match points, only to suffer the misery of losing in the end, as Chou won 21-17 15-21 22-20 in a furious hour and 20-minute encounter at OKBET Japan Open Badminton .

Prannoy at OKBET Japan Open Badminton, one of the most consistent Indian players on the circuit this season, recovered well from a first game reversal and continued breathing down his opponent’s neck until the last point, but Chou’s determination won him the match at the Super 750 competition at OKBET Japan Open Badminton.

Prannoy entered the match with consecutive victories against Chou in the previous two encounters, and he was leading 12-8 in the first game.

Chou, on the other hand, rebounded to turn the tables at 15-14 when Prannoy went to net. The Taiwanese was ecstatic as he increased his lead to two points after the Indian stumbled twice with his net stroke.

Another strong return on his opponent’s backhand resulted in Prannoy hitting one to the net on OKBET Japan Open Badminton, and when he sent his forehand to the net, Chou had three game point chances.

OKBET Japan Open Badminton

Chou earned bragging rights with a crisp cross court return.

After the changeover, Chou built up a slim 5-4 lead until a fortuitous net chord pulled it back to level. While Chou’s returns more steeper and his attack more powerful, Prannoy’s mistakes mounted and he went behind 6-10.

Prannoy attempted to establish the tempo of the rallies, and a superb rally finished with a fortuitous net chord for the Indian, who drew a 10-10 tie when Chou failed at the front court.

However, Chou was up at the break when Prannoy failed to defend a backhand shot.

Following the restart, Prannoy improved his defense and hit several precise down-the-line smashes to pull ahead of his opponent, who suddenly made a sequence of blunders, particularly in the front court at OKBET Japan Open Badminton.

With Prannoy led 19-14, Chou broke the flow of play with a cross-court smash off the Indian’s serve. Prannoy, on the other hand, made sure there were no hiccups by taking the match to a decider with Chou going long.

Prannoy got off to a shaky start in the final, spraying the shuttle wide and falling down 1-4. Chou went long three times before finishing with a body smash to grab a 6-4 lead.

Prannoy struggled to control the shuttle, and a string of unforced mistakes allowed Chou to take a six-point lead into the break at OKBET Japan Open Badminton.

Prannoy’s rallies were well-constructed, and his accuracy in returns, especially two stunning cross-court returns, enabled him win 12-13. Unforced mistakes came back into his game as he went long and to the net, allowing Chou to grab a 17-14 lead.

OKBET Japan Open Badminton

The Taiwanese used a body smash to keep his three-point advantage before grabbing three match points as the Indian went to net at OKBET Japan Open Badminton.

Chou went wide twice, and Prannoy saved the three match points with a down-the-line smash in between, but he served out next to gift his opponent a match point, and he clinched it in his favor when Prannoy went wide.

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OKBET Japan Open Badminton